Navigating a Two-Handed World...Single-handedly

Speaking Keynote

Navigating a Two-Handed World…Single-Handedly.


Title:  Navigating a Two-Handed World…Single-Handedly
Subtitle:  Not allowing our circumstances, no matter what they are, to peel away the core of our humanity.
Theme:  We all face difficult circumstances in our personal and professional lives.  We may face limitations placed on us by our peers, by our superiors, or even by ourselves, but in the midst of those circumstances we have the choice to not be defined by those limitations.  We can find our own path, celebrate our differences and take creative control of our lives.
Benefit:  In this presentation, participants will learn that our differences can be strengths and lead to stronger teams and synergistic partnerships.  They will be encouraged to look beyond the immediate differences they have with others to find common ground.
Keys to this presentation:  David’s personal story contains a universality that encourages the audience to recognize our shared humanity and our ability to succeed in spite of the circumstances we face.
Ideal for:  Students/ Educators/ Teams/ Entrepreneurs/ Corporate and Civic Leadership/ Disability Advocates


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