Navigating a Two-Handed World...Single-handedly

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Navigating a Two-Handed World…Single-Handedly

In 2009, I created and produced my solo play A Little Potato and Hard to Peel in New York City. It is based on a story my grandfather used to tell me about his little league baseball team, “The Little Potatoes and Hard to Peel.” He told me his team was smaller than the other boys and maybe not as talented but they always played with their hearts, so no matter if they won or lost, they never got down because they were tough…and hard to peel. My grandfather died when I was twelve so I never knew him as an adult.

But as I grew up I realized this story was just a metaphor for life. We all play this game of life; sometimes we win, sometimes we lose but no matter the circumstances we have to stay tough and hard to peel.

I was born without my right hand. People often look at me and see limitations. I have learned to find success by not allowing my circumstance to define me or my ability.

I have taken the messages in my play and have created my keynote, Navigating a Two-Handed World…Single-Handedly.  I work with corporations, associations, school administrators and government agencies and I share a universal story of perseverance and courage. I present a dynamic and humorous look at how we can all take my grandfather’s advice and not allow circumstances to peel away the core of our humanity.

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