Navigating a Two-Handed World...Single-handedly

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  • Overcoming adversity
  • Awareness of self
  • Acceptance of self
  • Acceptance of others
  • Disability awareness
  • Staying positive amidst challenges

    Rave Reviews

    David’s presentation is a captivating and transformational journey. What starts out as one man’s challenge to accept his own strengths and limitations becomes a compelling charge to all of us, challenging us to look more closely into our own lives. Also, it’s entertaining as hell.”

    Jay Putnam Associate Professor of Theatre High Point University

    One of the most moving and inspirational keynotes that G-CASE has ever experienced. David has a true gift of touching people’s souls. His story had the audience laughing to crying throughout…his theme, finding the flip side of limitations, truly impacted our leadership audience.”

    Philip Mellor Executive Officer of Learning and Leadership Henry County Schools

    His message really hit home with the audience, who gave him a standing ovation. This program is perfect for an organization that wants something different from the ‘routine’ speaker, but a program that also conveys a lasting message about diversity...that being normal includes many differences.”

    Sue Scherr Diversity Program Manager, Department of the Interior


    Navigating a Two-Handed World…Single-Handedly

    I was born without my right hand. People often look at me and see limitations. I have learned to adapt and find success by not allowing my circumstance to define me or my ability. Through my keynote motivational speech, Navigating a Two-Handed World…Single-Handedly, I share a universal story of perseverance and courage. I present a dynamic and humorous look at how we all can not allow circumstances to peel away the core of our humanity.

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